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LionHeart Ranch provides a variety of study programs and clinics offering people unique learning opportunities.  We feature clinics with national and international Masters in the fields of Dressage and National Horsemanship, workshops teaching the healing and health wonders of natural horse care, as well as rehabilitating injured or problem horses.  We offer clinics year-round which provide our boarders and the public with a well-rounded education for themselves and their horses.

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“Straightening the Crooked Horse”

Conducted by renowned authors & trainers,
Klaus Schoneich & Gabriele Rachen-Schoneich
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For over 25 years the Schoneichs have taught their holistic training system at their Center for Anatomically Correct Horsemanship in Germany. It is there that they train top FEI Grand Prix Dressage horses and Olympic and FEI riders, as well as rehabilitating thousand of incorrectly moving horses. LionHeart is pleased to be the first and only U.S. facility to bring the Schoneichs talents to its boarders and local public.

Former Head Trainer of Cavalia Show Julien Beaugnon

Following the principles of Cavalia’s foundational influence. Everything must be for the love and respect of the horse.

CLINIC DETAILS: • Learn gentle, respectful methods to open your horse’s willingness to work and learn and to maintain high performing consistency in any discipline and any level of rider
• Reveal your horse’s inner beauty
• Get your horse’s attention to ensure safety and respect
• Learn how to recognize the efforts made by your horse to avoid frustration and misunderstanding
• Learn easy and effective techniques to help your horses overcome their fears
• Rehabilitate horses living with cognitive or physical issues
• Move your horses using body language and bring them effortlessly to accomplish the most difficult exercises
• Develop techniques to work with your horse all year-long, even in inclement weather or short time availability
• Give yourself and your aging horse the gift of new horizons
• Surpass your approach with horses and explore limitless possibilities.

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Christiane Noelting
Intensive Dressage Clinics
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Christiane is a respected dressage judge, rider, trainer and clinician. Her teaching methods use the true Classical German Training Scale in developing both horses and riders. Clinics are open to all levels,  Training Level through Grand Prix. Limited space available.

Somatics, Trauma and Equine Assisted Therapy:
Innovations in Healing

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You will be introduced to two innovative approaches in working with both personal and social trauma; Generative Somatics
and Instinctual Recovery.  Each builds from extensive study and experience in the fields of trauma, somatics and is grounded in neurobiological research.

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