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Somantics, Trauma & Equine Therapy


Somatics, Trauma & Equine Therapy
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Course fee: $750-1200.  Sliding scale.  Scholarships available.  This is a tax deductible donation.
Location: LionHeart Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains, near Los Angeles
Course limited to 28 participants. CEU’s are available for this course
To sign up please contact the office of Dr. Lisa Guerin at 310.441.1967, or email
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Somatics, Trauma and Equine Intensive

Somatics, Trauma and Equine Assisted Therapy:

Innovations in Healing
Please join Dr. Lisa Guerin and Staci Haines for an experiential training in Somatics, Trauma and Equine-Assisted Therapy. You will be introduced to two innovative approaches in working with both personal and social trauma; Generative Somatics and Instinctual Recovery. Each builds from extensive study and experience in the fields of trauma, somatics and is grounded in neurobiological research.
Participants will learn both theory and practices for healing and transforming trauma including:
• Somatic awareness and embodiment processes; accessing the deep resilience in the mind, body and spirit
• Combining animal wisdom, somatic practices and relational instincts of both horses and participants to access deep resources, unwind trauma, and re-pattern historical shaping in the body.
• Somatic skills building and ongoing practices, allowing for new actions and a qualitative difference in life experience for survivors of trauma.
This 3-Day experiential Intensive is designed for practitioners who work with trauma and/or individuals who are in the process of healing from trauma, but who have already done substantial healing work. Some participants will have an opportunity to work in the ring with the horse (space is limited; please contact us to apply). No prior horse experience is necessary.




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