LionHeart Ranch Dynamite Dealer Santa Monica, California
Agoura Hills Horse Boarding and Equestrian Services 
We are a Full-Service, Full-Care Facility offering a comprehensive array of professional services for you to choose from.

Available services for your pampered equine include:

• Grooming
• Bathing
• Tacking up, untacking and cleaning tack
• Clipping, mane pulling
• Leg wrapping
• Wound care
• Medication dispersal
• Feeding your bagged supplements
• Reordering and delivering your supplements
  as needed on your behalf
• Exercise riding, lungeing, and/or handwalking

Plus regularly scheduled Services:

• Farrier Service (every 6 weeks)
• Vaccination Clinics (twice a year)
• Worming Schedule (every 2-3 months)
• Dental Clinics (once a year)
  **these services also provided on an as-needed basis

Specialized Services:

Nutrition and Holistic Care: diets and supplements can be specially formulated for your horse's individual needs by our resident bodyworker and nutrition specialist. These consultations address emotional as well as physical/nutritional needs of your horse and can also involve holistic therapies such as homeopathy, herbalism, and energy work to promote healing.

Dynamite Specialty Equine Nutrition, Lionheart Ranch, Santa Monica, CA
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Bodywork: We work with a very select group of expert bodyworkers, chiropractors, dentists and farriers regularly who make sure our horses are balanced, pain-free and able to perform to the best of their potential.

Lionheart Ranch provides equine services to the

Los Angeles Area






Westlake Village


Thousand Oaks